Comparison between Sun dbx and gdb

The following table list approximately equivalent Sun dbx commands for some common gdb commands. This table comes from the online documentation of Sun dbx.

Equivalence between Sun dbx and gdb
GDB Sun DBX for more information
(help of Sun dbx)
break <line> stop at <line> `help stop'
break <func> stop in <func> `help stop'
break *<addr> stopi at <addr> `help stopi'
break ... if <expr> stop ... -if <expr> `help event specification'
cond <n> stop ... -if <expr> `help event specification'
tbreak stop ... -temp `help event specification'
watch <expr> [fast on x86 Linux] stop <expr> [slow] `help event specification'
watch <var> [fast on x86 Linux] stop modify &<var> [fast] `help event modify'
catch <x> intercept <x> `help intercept'
info break status `help status'
info watch status `help status'
clear clear `help clear'
clear <fun> delete <n> `help delete'
delete delete all `help delete'
disable handler -disable all `help handler'
disable <n> handler -disable <n> `help handler'
enable handler -enable all `help handler'
enable <n> handler -enable <n> `help handler'
ignore <n> <cnt> handler -count <n> <cnt> `help handler'
commands <n> when ... { <cmds>; } `help when'
backtrace <n> where <n> `help where'
frame <n> frame <n> `help frame'
info reg <reg> print $<reg> `help registers'
finish step up `help step'
signal <num> cont sig <num> `help cont'
jump <line> cont at <line> `help cont'
set <var>=<expr> assign <var>=<expr> `help assign'
x/<fmt> <addr> x <addr>/<fmt> `help examine'
disassem <addr> dis <addr> `help dis'
shell <cmd> sh <cmd> [if needed] `help sh'
info func <regex> funcs <regexp> `help funcs'
ptype <type> whatis -t <type> `help whatis'
define <cmd> function <cmd> `help ksh syntax'
handle <sig> stop sig <sig> `help event specification'
info signals status; catch `help status', `help catch'
attach <pid> debug - <pid> `help debug'
attach <pid> debug <a.out> <pid> `help debug'
file <file> [unnecessary]
exec <file> debug <file> `help debug'
core <file> debug <a.out> <file> `help debug'
set editing on set -o emacs `help editing'
set language <x> language <x> `help language'
set prompt <x> PS1=<x> `help ksh PS1'
set history size <x> HISTSIZE=<x> `help ksh HISTSIZE'
set print object on dbxenv output_dynamic_type on `help c++ dynamic'
show commands history `help history'
dir <name> pathmap <name> `help pathmap'
show dir pathmap `help pathmap'
info line <n> listi <n> `help listi'
info source file `help file'
info sources files; modules `help files', `help modules'
forw <regex> search <regex> `help search'
rev <regex> bsearch <regex> `help bsearch'


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